Ofgem says Delta Gas and Power could lose its licence over unpaid RO bill

Ofgem has warned Delta Gas and Power that if it does not pay £530,809.20 due under the Renewables Obligation immediately, the regulator may revoke its supply licence. Delta supplies 1,690 business customers in the UK
Today (31 October) is the late payment deadline for the RO but Delta owes £530,809.20 plus interest. Delta has already missed deadlines on 31 August and 1 September.
Charles Hargreaves, Deputy Director of Enforcement and Emerging issues at Ofgem said:
“The unprecedented rise in gas prices over the last twelve months only reinforces the need to accelerate the shift away from fossil fuels, strengthening the case for sustainable, home-grown energy. Today’s enforcement action serves as a reminder to suppliers to follow through on compliance with the Renewables Obligation, which ultimately supports consumers, the energy ecosystem and a wider UK 2050 Net Zero ambition.”
Earlier this month, Ofgem consulted on issuing final orders to Delta and another company, Logicor Energy, but the latter has now paid its obligation in full.

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