CHP2 sees electrolyser order cancelled after manufacturing issues

Octopus Hydrogen cancelled an order for a Membrane-Free Electrolyser from CPH2 and will use an an alternative electrolyser solution at its first site, which is expected to go live in the coming weeks, after CHP2 experienced manufacturing problems with its technology.
CHP2 said it has suffered delays caused by both ongoing global supply chain issues and the engineering and scale-up issues identified in the preliminary commissioning of its initial units.
It plans to have MFE 220 units available for delivery by late 2023. However a potential issue with the design and operation of the cryostat unit within the MFE 30 test unit is being investigated. A retrofit solution will require to be implemented for the initial two units that will result in a delay to the delivery of these to customers, which had been scheduled for October 2022.

Jon Duffy, Chief Executive Officer of CPH2, said: “We are disappointed by the ongoing delays to the commissioning of our first MFE 220 unit. …. Our number one priority is ensuring that we are able to deploy our first MFE 220 units in the field and to have these operating responsibly and efficiently..The Company remains on course to deliver our aims, targeting 4GW production capacity by 2030.

We continue to develop the technical team in place at the Company, with the business maintaining a strong balance sheet it is well funded to deliver on our business plan and to continue to address the significant market opportunity.”