FIT customers repaid £800,000 in unwarranted admin fees

Feed In Tariff customers who were wrongly charged fees by two companies are to be refunded.
Good Energy is to refund over £453,000 to customers whose Feed-In Tariff (FIT) it administers and pay them compensation of £200,000. The customers, who represent 0.6% of Good Energy’s 182,000 FIT customers, had been charged an unauthorised quarterly administration fee.
F&S Energy, which has 455 FIT customers, has agreed to refund £94,040 to those who have been charged an unauthorised quarterly administration fee and a biennial meter verification charge, and to compensate them £50,000.
FIT customers are the owners of accredited installations involved in renewable and low-carbon electricity generation, and this non-compliance by the energy companies has meant that those affected received a lower FIT payment sum than they were entitled to.
FIT customers range from houses with a few solar panels to farms with a multiple panels and wind turbines.
Good Energy was found to have implemented an unauthorised administration charge on a quarterly basis of £25 per installation. 500 FIT customers were affected per quarter, with 1,167 having a charge applied at least once.
F&S Energy Limited applied an unauthorised quarterly administration charge of £100 (previously £20) per installation, affecting 80 FIT customers, and an unauthorised verification charge once every two years of £55 (previously £100) per installation, affecting 453 FIT customers.