Charger fleet to rebrand to Blink

EB Charging is rebranding to Blink Charging, a year after Blink Charging acquired the company in April 2022. Blink will have more than 1225 chargers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

“The market opportunity in the United Kingdom and Ireland is substantial and was a significant factor in our consideration for the EB Charging acquisition,” said Michael D. Farkas, founder and chief executive of Blink Charging. “While overall vehicle sales in the United Kingdom are slow, EVs outpaced expectations, accounting for nearly 17% of new vehicle registrations last year. The acceleration of EV adoption demands the EV charging infrastructure to support it. With Blink now having a solid foundation and growing brand awareness across the region, we can further accelerate our charging network globally.”
Blink has nearly 66,000 chargers across 27 countries and is rolling our chargers across locations including parking facilities, workplaces, health care facilities, schools and universities, airports, hotels, mixed-use municipal locations, parks and recreation areas, religious institutions and restaurants.