NGESO calls for more power supply to meet evening peak

System operator NGESO has taken measures to cover Tuesday’s evening peak demand as the week’s cold snap came along with a lull in wind, reducing the amount of wind power available.
The system operator sent out a so-called Electricity Margin Notice for the period from 16:30 hrs to 20:30 hrs. It said, “This is a routine tool that we use most winters, and means we are asking generators to make available any additional generation capacity they may have. The EMN does not mean electricity supply is at risk.”
On Monday NGESO also called on four coal units to begin warming up so they are available to generate power if required. It told EDF Energy to prepare two units at its West Burton A site and told Drax Power to prepare two units at its plant. Coal-fired stations take from 12 to 24 hours to warm so they are in a position to begin generation.
The system operator also said it was likely to call on demand side response, with that request likely to be made in early afternoon on Tuesday.