Thames Water to boost biogas production

Thames Water is planning to increase more than ten-fold the amount of biogas it produces. Typically water companies produce biogas from organic waste and use it to provide the heat needed during waste water treatment and other processes.
Thames Water has awarded a framework contract for the export and sale of biomethane gas generated on key waste treatment sites, saying “we are currently producing around 43MWh of biomethane per year but this is expected to increase up to 709 MWh by 2030 due to a planned programme of biogas upgrade plant installations.” It awarded a contract to Corona Energy Retail 4 Limited that will include optimising revenue and making informed decisions on green gas certificates in the emerging green gas market.
Thames Water’s use of green gas is dwarfed by its natural gas consumption which it put at around 100GWh per annum, required for waste water treatment process as well as heating and hot water. Corona Energy Retail 4 Limited also won four-year contract for supply, metering and export of natural gas for the company, to include improving gas usage efficiency and optimising prices.

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