Torbay hospital wants 3.2MW of PV, seeks private wire site

Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust are seeking a Power Purchase Agreement to provide Torbay hospital with 3.5GWh of electricity per annum through an off-site PV array via ‘private wire’ with a direct connection to the hospital’s HV network .
The site currently circa 11GWh of electricity per annum and electricity usage is expected to increase as the heating systems move over to heat pump based systems.
Demand and output modelling has shown that a 3.2MW solar PV array would make a significant contribution to the site electrical demand with limited times of electricity export. Due to restriction on site restrictions it is not feasible to house an array of 3.2MWp on site, so the Trust is looking at solutions for an off-site provision. To contribute to the Trust’s commitments to decarbonisation and reduce its gross emissions under mandatory reporting rules the off-site PV array will need to be ‘private wire’ with a direct connection to the Trust’s HV network.
The Trust are interested in hearing from parties that are able to host a PV array close enough to the site of Torbay Hospital to provide a direct private wire connection and contract with the Trust through a power purchase agreement (PPA) for up to 25 years.
The value of contract is estimated at nearly £9 million over 25 years.