Hertfordshire planning charge point strategy for 250k EVs by 2030

Hertfordshire County Council is carrying out pre-procurement market engagement on the provision of electric vehicle infrastructure.
The council estimates that by 2030 there will be 250,000 – 287,000 electric vehicles among Hertfordshire residents and a requirement for 6,769 – 8,977 charging points. Its strategy is to work with district and boroughs to provide publicly available EV chargepoints to fill gaps in provision.
Opportunities to provide chargepoints will be considered in off street car parks and off street hubs as well as in on street locations where there is demonstrable demand and no alternative nearby provision.
The council is seeking input from the market as to what might be the most attractive way of packaging and scoping any future opportunity for contracts. This input will help inform any resultant procurement process.The Council will consider the feedback received to help inform the Council’s options and further decision making. It wants comments by 11 September.