New ‘One stop shop’ UK Business Climate Hub aims to give SMEs help to low costs and carbon emissions

A new ‘one stop shop’ website, the UK Business Climate Hub, will provide the UK’s 5.5 million small businesses with advice on terducing their climate impact, with advice and support to reduce their energy bills while cutting their carbon emissions.
The Hub includes a free carbon calculator and a suite of tools to help businesses measure, track and report on their emissions and save money by using less energy. It offers advice on issues including
• Switching employee modes of transport and paying less for company EVs;
• Getting business grants, green loans and financing for a retrofit;
• Getting an air source heat pump;
• Generating green energy with a wind turbine and selling it back to the grid;
• Reducing emissions from farming and land use;
• Buying credible carbon offsets;
• Getting low-carbon product labels and certifications; and
• Reducing waste and recycling more.
National Chair of the Federation of Small Businesses, Martin McTague, said: “We are pleased to have contributed to the new UK Business Climate Hub that will provide businesses with trusted tools and information to help them navigate the net zero transition.
“SMEs recognise their role in net zero but many still find it challenging to access the relevant support and resources to play their part. This new official platform for advice and support will really help. In addition to helping small firms become more energy and resource efficient, the hub also has the opportunity to empower small firms to take ambitious steps towards net zero, ultimately ensuring that they also benefit from the economic opportunities created in a net zero economy.”
The new site comes as business leaders and ministers on the new Net Zero Council calls on business representative organisations across the country to take concerted action to plan to reduce their members’ emissions. The group, comprising CEOs from leading companies including Co-op, HSBC, Siemens and Cemex, has developed a new business roadmap framework to help businesses create tailored action plans for their sectors.
Co-Chair of the Net Zero Council, Co-op Group Chief Executive Shirine Khoury-Haq, said: “None of us will get to Net Zero without all of us getting to Net Zero, so ensuring that every business and every sector has a clear plan for delivering this non-negotiable target is key. I hope the UK Business Climate Hub will be a valuable tool for business leaders looking for guidance and support in this vital endeavour.”
The UK Business Climate Hub is here