Ukraine power company brings solar farms back into operation

DTEK Renewables has restored a solar power plant in Ukraine’s Mykolaiv region belonging to Niko Solar – DTEK Renewables’s first such project for an external plant owner. Around 90% of the generating equipment of the 5.7MW solar farm had been damaged by Russian shelling.
DTEK Renewables said the experience of fixing its own solar farms had given it “unique expertise in restoring renewable energy facilities that have been damaged or destroyed by military operations”.
In October 2022, following the liberation of part of the southern territories from Russian occupiers, the Trifonivskaya solar plant was returned to Ukrainian hands. The 3MW solar farm was partially damaged, but DTEK Renewables specialists restored 60% of the capacity in 40 days and later repaired it to 100% capacity.
Vasyl Kushniriov, DTEK Renewables manager of technical supervision and facility commissioning, said, “When we arrived at the facility, the enemy had almost destroyed the station. Solar panels were scattered, and tables with panels were broken. The picture was not pleasant, but we were motivated to breathe new life into the station.”
Employees lived and worked at site while rebuilding and repairing the solar farm. They examined, repaired and replaced energy equipment, calibrated the solar panels and reassembled them, performed connection and adjustment, and installed an automated control system. Kostyantyn Styopin, manager of technical supervision and facility commissioning, said, “The damage to the station was significant, augmented by fires due to short circuits. About 20 people worked on the project every day. All power equipment had to be handled manually, making it a difficult and time-consming job.”

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