£2.25M grant funding available for AI innovations for decarbonisation

Stream 3 of the government’s AI for Decarbonisation Innovation Programme has opened now open for applications with a total of £2.25 million in grant funding available. Stream 3 will fund innovations in: electrification and smart grid; transportation; and land use for renewables generation.
Applicants can apply for up to £350,000 grant per proposal, which must be at Technology Readiness level 3 – 7. “A degree of match funding” is required and more than 70% of the project’s activities must be conducted in the UK.
Applications must be made by 14:00 on 10 October and grants will be awarded in December.
Projects must end no later than 31 March 2025.
Stream 1 aimed to coordinate and foster collaboration on the use of AI technologies for energy and decarbonisation applications and identify strategic and priority challenges for AI innovation, while Stream 2 supported small scale technologies using AI technologies to help drive decarbonisation in electricity, industry and agriculture. Both are now closed to applications.
More details here.