ACT NOW: Transport for London is seeking users for its waste heat, wants feedback by 11 December

Transport for London (TfL) is looking for offtakers who can use its waste heat and is asking for feedback by 11 December to help it understand the opportunity.
TfL’s Waste Heat programme aims to help London reach its 2050 zero-carbon target, which includes utilisation of secondary heat sources. TfL says the waste heat can be used in conjunction with heat pumps to produce very low or zero carbon heat and cooling to businesses or residents. It is conducting an early market engagement exercise for Waste Heat Opportunities to gain an understanding of market interest, looking for parties that may be interested in becoming an off-taker to identify themselves and express their interest.
The company previously conducted market engagement in May 2020, with a specific focus on ventilation shafts now it has included pumped water sites and it wants to standardise the level of information that is publicly available, and to provide all relevant resources in one place.
A Waste Heat Prospectus document, containing a Market Sounding Questionnaire, is available on TfL’s e-tendering portal. TfL is looking for parties that may be interested in becoming an off-taker at any of the sites to identify themselves and express their interest via its e-tendering platform, SAP Ariba.
TfL says it does not currently have a budget to develop and deliver waste heat schemes so projects will need to be, at worst, revenue neutral for TfL and off-takers will need to cover their own capital and operational costs. However, “TfL may be able to support interested parties in identifying potential funding sources to develop and deliver projects”.
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