Heat pump grant increase boosts installation rate

The government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme had over 2,000 applications for heat pump grants in January 2024, a 39% increase on the month the previous year. The month’s figures were exceeded by October and November last year, after a 50% increase in government-funded heat pump grants.
Up to the end of January, the scheme has now received 33,424 applications in total and has issued more than £133 million in vouchers to customers.
The Boiler Upgrade Scheme covers the majority of the average upfront cost of an air source heat pump. In October, the Prime Minister increased grants for the installation of air source and ground source heat pumps to £7,500. The scheme also offers £5,000 off the cost of a biomass boiler.
A regional breakdown showed the southwest has seen the most installations at 3,894, followed by the southeast with 3,886 and 2,671 in eastern England.

Charlotte Lee, chief executive of the Heat Pump Association said: “It’s great to see interest in the Boiler Upgrade Scheme increasing, supporting the installation of over 20,200 heat pumps to date across England and Wales. The uplift in the grant value for air source and ground source heat pumps in October 2023 to £7,500 has been well received by both the sector and consumers and we hope this increasing interest will be a trend which continues forward, as we move to decarbonise home heating in line with the Government’s legally binding net zero targets.”

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