Shurgard to install EV points, wants storage sites to be logistics hubs

Shurgard Self-Storage and LEAP24 have joined forces to install public fast-charging stations at all Shurgard locations in the UK and the Netherlands.
The companies say they want the sites to be ‘emission-free last mile delivery and mobility hubs’. They say flexible storage spaces combined with ultra-fast charging stations offer sustainable urban logistics and last mile deliveries, aided by their locations around environmental or zero-emission zones, on busy routes, or near businesses.
LEAP24 will take responsibility for the design, installation, and maintenance of the ultra-fast charging stations at around 70 Shurgard locations. It says Shurgard’s 24 locations in and around London will give it a “definitive breakthrough” in the growing market.
Pelle Schlichting, Founder of LEAP24, said: “The collaboration between Shurgard and LEAP24 provides a unique boost to the realisation of emission-free mobility hubs. The unique combination of flexible storage and electric charging at perfect locations is a key ingredient for the success of zero-emission zones in many Dutch cities and the development of our network in and around London.”
The ultra-fast charging solution will consist of an ultra-fast charging station with two parking spaces and a 240kW dual fast charger that can recharge vehicles to approximately 80% in 30 minutes. Each location will be open 24 hours a day, be publicly accessible and accept all common charging and bank cards. The first (London) locations are expected in 2024.

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