Utilita Energy aims to make domestic energy efficiency upgrades easy using open data

Households supplied by Utilita Energy can now opt-in for an automatic check to see whether they are eligible for free or subsidised measures under the UK’s decarbonisation schemes.
Instead of asking householders for further information, Utilita will work with Ecofithomes.com to collate 70 existing open-source data points about the property and the people living there, along with Utilita data. It will then flag the schemes that can offer free or subsidised support, such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, Great British Insulation Scheme, Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund and Home Upgrade Grant.
Utilita households who opt in will receive a notification of their eligibility for the decarbonisation schemes in early summer 2024, with a view to accessing measures before winter. Once identified as being eligible, Utilita Households will be supported in accessing the measures.
The Ecofit technology, which is currently exclusive to Utilita Energy, was created by
Tim Maxwell and Harry Smith. Maxwell said, “The cost-of-living crisis has accelerated and increased demand for energy efficiency retrofit measures, but the disparate nature of the data that informs the best interventions was a significant barrier to measures being applied. By automating the identification and eligibility process we can help households to secure measures ahead of next winter.”
Bill Bullen, founder and chief executive of Utilita Energy, said, “All energy suppliers are obligated to deliver at least two of the 11 decarbonisation schemes, and the bureaucracy involved in identifying and targeting households has become a major barrier to delivery.
“Our new automated eligibility tool cuts out the trickiest part of the process, which is engaging households and asking a lot of questions to establish what they are entitled to. Now, we can go direct and notify a household of their eligibility for energy saving measures.”

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