H100 Fife domestic hydrogen project delayed until 2025

SGN’s H100 Fife project, which aimed to replace the methane (‘natural’) gas network in an area of the town with a hydrogen network, has been delayed. It initially planned to be in operation this year but now it expects to go live in summer 2025. The gas network company said it had faced supply chain and procurement challenges.
Domestic customers can opt in to join the trial, in which case they will be connected to a hydrogen network being installed alongside the existing pipes. Participating homes receive a new hydrogen-fuelled boiler and a payment of £1000. The trial was due to be in operation between 2024 and 2027.
SGN said it had installed over 65% of the new 8.2km hydrogen network and it was on its fourth phase of work.The hydrogen will be produced via electrolysis powered by a 7MW wind turbine, which is already up and running, backed up by the electricity grid. The turbine will feed a 5MW alkaline electrolyser, which can deliver up to 2,093kg of green hydrogen per day. Work to install the electrolyser has begun
The hydrogen will be stored in six storage vessels each the size of a double-decker bus, four of which have now been installed on-site.

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