Third new nuclear reactor design wins government funding for development

The government has awarded grant funding of £3.34 million to Cavendish Nuclear under its Future Nuclear Enabling Fund (FNEF). It is the third successful application to the fund, which supports developing and licensing of small nuclear reactors for use in GB.
Cavendish Nuclear has partnered with X-Energy UK Holdings Ltd for an FNEF project to develop the Xe-100 Advanced Modular Reactor (AMR). The project includes constructability and modularisation studies, fuel management and assessment of the domestic manufacturing and supply chain. The government said it was the first FNEF to an advanced modular reactor technology for post-R&D commercialisation and business development activities.
On 7 December the government announced an award of up to £30.05 million to Holtec Britain Limited to support Generic Design Acceptance for its reactor. That includes constructability and safety case assessments and completion of associated technical deliverables, including those of the safety, security and environmental cases.
In January last year the government agreed a £33.6 million grant for GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy to support GDA and Enterprise Readiness activities including an advanced manufacturing plan and operator plan.

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