Defra incineration study delays consent decision

The Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero has set a new deadline of 18 July to decide on an application for development consent for a ‘Green Energy Park’in Scunthorpe. She said the delay was due to a Direction issued by the Defra Minister of State to the Environment Agency on 4 April to temporarily pause the determination of environmental permits for new waste incineration facilities. The pause will last until 24 May 2024.
The application by North Lincolnshire Green Energy Park Limited sought consent for the construction and operation of a 95MWe combined heat and power (CHP) enabled energy generating development, with carbon capture, district heat and private wire networks, hydrogen production and ash treatment at Flixborough Industrial Estate, Scunthorpe.
The previous statutory deadline for the decision on North Lincolnshire Green Energy Park application was 10 May 2024.
The Secretary of State said the extension would ensure there is sufficient time for the Department to consider the outcome of the piece of work being carried out by Defra officials to consider the role of waste incineration capacity in the management of residual wastes in England.

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