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NEW POWER FORUM Exclusive research: the industry’s hopes and expectations from the new government

REPORTS Will plant closures bring on new gas turbines? Gas issues: Project Nexus delayed; National Grid seeks view on flexibility

FEATURES: Connecting the dots in Europe – how we are moving towards an Energy Union.  Energy from waste – what’s the potential?

INTERVIEW Catherine Mitchell, professor of energy policy at the University of Exeter, says its time to give the energy industry an institutional framework that supports change

PLUS: more on cash-out reform; access to energy networks; calls for tougher regulation

NEW POWER: May issue out now

Interview: Chris Houghton, CFO, Ovo
, on growing an energy independent, community energy and the real barriers

CASH-OUT REFORM: how it will affect companies – and key issies on the to-do list before it comes into effect in November
OFFSHORE WIND: what lies behind construction disputes?
ELECTRIC VEHICLES: positive news from the largest trials
GAS GENERATION: mothballed plant and cancellations – and a pipeline of new projects
BIOMASS: the effect of policy change at Uskmouth

Plus theories of regulation; how things are changing in Texas; and the Summer Outlook

NEW POWER: April issue out now

Tim Emrich of UK Power Reserve talks about distributed generation and the demand side

Nuclear: three horse race
Triad: is it past its peak?
Denmark: warm words
Capacity Market: exclusive poll results

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Beating the RO deadline – interview with REG
Europe dreams of integration
Ofgem’s vision for transmission networks

Are networks changing?

Alastair Martin of Flexitricity sees a change in distribution network operators (DNOs): “the Low Carbon Networks Fund stimulated something really quite remarkable in the change of thinking of DNOs, and they are now out there with a strong appetite to…