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Project Nexus: June go-live ‘looks feasible’

Could Project Nexus finally have a reliable ‘go-live’ date? Plans to switch over to the new gas industry settlement system in June 2017 – delayed from April – “look feasible”, industry sources told New Power. Contingency plans could push that…

Energy storage: legal and regulatory barriers to overcome

Storage is increasingly seen as the answer to making the energy system more efficient and cost-effective. But legal and regulatory barriers are making it hard to make use of developing storage technologies at least cost. Louise Dalton, senior associate in the energy team at international law firm CMS, details the hurdles that have to be overcome before storage can step up

Bonfire of red tape ‘most damaging energy decision’

Decisions taken in the government’s ‘bonfire of red tape’ have been more harmful  to energy investment than any changes in renewable energy subsidy, according to key industry investor Siemens. Interviewing Matthew Knight, Siemens director of strategy and government affairs, GB…