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Price spikes, not blackouts, are the biggest risk this winter

We are not at high risk from blackouts this winter. That is the strong response from New Power’s panel of energy industry experts in a survey carried out in October. Experts said that the market would respond, to provide power when needed. But they said part of the reason was that prices would “spike” – shooting up for periods that could be as short as half a hour – and that could have dramatic effects on industry players, possibly driving them into financial distress.

Amber Rudd: ‘We have enough wind farms’

Ahead of Amber Rudd’s evidence session at the Select Committee on Energy and Climate Change today, read New Power’s take on the recent RO announcement, published in the July issue. We saw little room in the CfD auction, and a threat over FITs.

Are networks changing?

Alastair Martin of Flexitricity sees a change in distribution network operators (DNOs): “the Low Carbon Networks Fund stimulated something really quite remarkable in the change of thinking of DNOs, and they are now out there with a strong appetite to…


As head of then-energy regulator Offer, Stephen Littlechild was instrumental in setting up our energy market, and he says it would still work – provided political pressure does not put a spoke in the wheel. But that’s exactly what has…