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Amber Rudd: ‘We have enough wind farms’

Ahead of Amber Rudd’s evidence session at the Select Committee on Energy and Climate Change today, read New Power’s take on the recent RO announcement, published in the July issue. We saw little room in the CfD auction, and a threat over FITs.

Are networks changing?

Alastair Martin of Flexitricity sees a change in distribution network operators (DNOs): “the Low Carbon Networks Fund stimulated something really quite remarkable in the change of thinking of DNOs, and they are now out there with a strong appetite to…


As head of then-energy regulator Offer, Stephen Littlechild was instrumental in setting up our energy market, and he says it would still work – provided political pressure does not put a spoke in the wheel. But that’s exactly what has…

NEW POWER: January issue

DATA: POWER PROJECT MONITOR INTERVIEW: RACHEL CARY, GREEN ALLIANCE “What’s causing the NGO community concern is that the [European Commission’s impact assessment for a new target] is only looking at 35, 40 or 45% [greenhouse gas] reduction – they are…