EDF Energy announces longer lifetime for four nuclear plants

EDF Energy has announced life extensions for four of its nuclear power stations, claiming the highest nuclear output for ten years in 2015 at 60.5TWh. Scheduled closure dates for Heysham 1 (1155MW) and Hartlepool (1180MW) have been extended by five years to 2024. Scheduled closure dates for Heysham 2 (1230MW) and Torness (1185MW) have been extended by seven years to 2030.

The company said its belief “that two important government policies [Carbon Price Floor and Capacity Market] will be maintained and strengthened has given EDF Energy the confidence to move the scheduled closure dates of the four stations”.

On the delayed ‘final investment decision’ on Hinkley Point C, EDF said: “Hinkley Point C is a strong project which is fully ready for a final investment decision and successful construction. Final steps are well in hand to enable the full construction phase to be launched very soon.”

But in annual results published today the company admitted UK residential customer numbers had fallen by 291,000 in 2015.  Ratings company Moody’s this week warned that lower tariffs in France (down 23% over three months) and its exposure to fixed costs would put the company’s credit rating under pressure.