Revised P2 standard consultation closes this Sunday

A consultation on changes to distribution network supply standards – so-called P2 – that could see local standards vary between areas will close on Sunday at 5pm.

The consultation has been published by an industry working group, called GB Distribution Code Review Panel P2 Working Group (DCRP P2 WG). The aim of the changes is to reduce costs, both for customers and companies making connections, and make networks more flexible.

But some argue that the change could degrade supply standards with more interruptions in some areas, create a patchwork of different approaches and slow new connections.

Options for the future include abandoning cross industry standards and relying instead on other distribution network operator (DNO) service requirements – for example on supply interruptions. In that scenario, requests to connect would trigger a cost-benefit analysis and the DNO would assess whether customers should pay for necessary reinforcement or accept the risk of poorer service levels.

Read the consultation: Engineering Recommendation P2 – Security of Supply

Responses to the consultation should be received by 5pm on 12 June 2016 and should be submitted by email address to  [email protected]

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