Atlantis tidal to share grid capacity with local wind farm

A local wind farm will be able to access the distribution network when the MeyGen tidal project is generating less than its maximum output, thanks to an agreement signed between the project’s owner, Atlantis, and Lochend Wind Energy. This will allow the wind farm to begin exporting energy without having to wait for wider transmission works to increase capacity on the constrained network.

The first phase of the MeyGen project was recently connected to the 33kV Ness of Quoys distribution network and is due to begin exporting power by the end of the year.  This part of the local distribution network is constrained, such that there is no additional capacity for other generators until wider transmission upgrade works are completed over the next few years.
Lochend Wind Energy is developing a 4 turbine wind farm close to MeyGen’s onshore site in Caithness. Because tidal generation is both predictable and cyclical nature of tidal generation, MayGen has signed a deal with Lochend to gain access to the grid times when the MeyGen project is not generating at maximum output. 

Tim Cornelius, chief executive of Atlantis, commented: ”We believe this to be a world first, and to show that the predictability of generation from the tides can also benefit other forms of renewable energy by allowing those generators to accurately forecast and access spare grid capacity. Tidal power makes for more efficient grid use and management, and we are delighted to have been able to assist a local wind farm in getting connected.

“Sharing transmission assets in this way and capitalising on the predictability of tidal power will ensure that, in the long term, our energy needs are better served whilst also maximising access to a constrained network in the immediate future.”

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