Bristol Energy plans renewable tariff after signing up local generators

Bristol Energy is set to add a renewable tariff to its offering. The company has signed power purchase agreements (PPAs) with a raft of local renewable energy sites and is looking for more.

Managing director Peter Haigh told New Power the PPAs would boost the proportion of renewables in its supply to 40-50% and allow it to offer a fully renewable tariff. Buying direct will also help the company manage its credit and collateral requirements.

Haigh said the company was also looking at  plans to market power from generation assets owned by third party businesses like industrial parks. “If it is in front of the meter you have to have an electricity supply licence to sell the power, so we can do that” on behalf of the plant owner, he said.

Bristol Energy has taken on over 30,000 customers across the country since its launch a year ago. The company recently signed up to join the Warm Home Discount scheme and has also installed a new forecasting system.

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