KiWi Power financing behind-the-meter storage, seeks more sites

Demand side response aggregator KiWi Power is rolling out behind-the-meter battery storage on commercial and industrial sites. It has developed and financed a 4MW lithium-ion battery to be located at Cenin Renewables, Parc Stormy in Bridgend, South Wales. The battery will sit within Cenin’s cluster of integrated clean technologies which includes a low carbon cement facility, 3,000 PV solar panels, an anaerobic digestion plant and a wind turbine.

The battery is planned to be up and running by March 2018 and will supply ancillary services to National Grid.

KiWi now has over 300MW of assets under management and said it is investing in battery technology to  augment its existing DSR capability. Chief executive Yoav Zingher said: “KiWi Power is delighted to bring the benefits of battery technology to high energy users without them having to invest in the battery.

We are able to offer similar fully financed batteries so companies can optimise their energy usage, go green and earn money.”

The 2MW anaerobic digestion plant at Cenin is owned and operated by Agrivert and was opened in 2016. Surplus heat is fed to Cenin’s low carbon cement plant for use in the minerals drying process, while organic digestate is piped to a neighbouring farm for use as an organic fossil-free fertiliser.

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