Ofgem allows Ofto compensation after ‘exceptional’ cable outage at Walney 2

Ofgem has granted a claim for compensation for cable failure in the subsea connection to the Walney 2 offshore wind farm.

The regulator decided that the failure at Walney 2 from 14 December 2015  to 19 March 2016 was an ‘exceptional event’ and that the Ofto, Blue Transmission Walney 2, would not be penalised.

The exact reason for the outage was redacted in the decision notice, however the regulator noted that the outage was “most likely” caused by an event that happened before Blue Transmission took over operating the Ofto.

In February 2017 – during the time that this outage took place – Ofgem warned Oftos that it may get stricter on 3rd party outages.


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