‘Smart data’ review seeks input

Government has announced a ‘smart data’ review intended to use new data-driven technologies and services to improve the consumer experience in regulated markets.

The review, jointly launched by the DCMS and BEIS, said consumers struggle to identify the best deals for essential services. Those that regularly switch have to put in a lot of effort, and those that do not pay considerably more. The government wants to build on the experience of Open Banking and midata, and use new data protection laws that give consumers a right to data portability, to promote new innovative intermediary services such as automatic switching services and utility management services, as well completely new business models and providers.

The review will report to the newly established Consumer Forum, chaired by the Minister for Consumer Affairs and it will publish its conclusions and next steps in the first half of 2019.

The review sought input from organisations who should register their interest at [email protected]. BEIS said “We would particularly like to hear from providers of innovative data-driven consumer services, or those who are considering developing such a service”.