Moixa launches its biggest domestic battery at 4.8kWh

Moixa claims its new 4.8kWh smart household battery will turn homes into ”mini power stations” by managing solar panels, batteries and electric vehicles to minimise energy bills and take advantage of the growing number of time-of-use tariffs.
Simon Daniel, the firm’s chief executive said: “The next decade will see growing numbers of UK homes become mini power stations, generating and storing electricity, buying it when it is cheap and selling it back to the grid to support a cost-effective, low-carbon energy system.”
The new smart battery is Moixa’s largest yet, capable of storing significantly more solar power and off-peak electricity than its 2kWh and 3kWh batteries. It is aimed at large families and big homes, or couples in smaller houses who are at home throughout the day. Solar and storage together can cut energy bills by up to 60%, Moixa said.
The battery’s output is 1000W, sufficient to power routine home energy demand for hours when fully charged, with the grid topping up supply for more power-hungry activities like boiling kettles.
Moixa’s GridShare software uses artificial intelligence to tailor the battery’s performance to meet a household’s needs and patterns of behaviour, and save them maximum money:
  • It learns how much energy the home will use, taking into account weekends and holidays.
  • It uses weather forecasts to calculate how much energy their solar panels will generate.
  • It takes advantage of time-of-use tariffs which reward people with cheaper prices for using electricity off-peak.
The company plans to introduce a tool that will recommend the best energy tariff to customers based on their consumption patterns and their solar production.
Moixa’s smart batteries use the same artificial intelligence to manage electric car batteries and ensure they are charged in the most cost-effective way:
  • They learn drivers’ patterns of use, making sure the car is charged and ready when it is needed.
  • They can charge cars from stored solar energy at peak periods when power is expensive.
  • They can take advantage of EV tariffs, minimising costs by charging from the grid when power is cheap.
Moixa customers can also earn £50 a year for allowing their battery’s spare capacity to be used to help local electricity grids support renewables and become less reliant on fossil fuel power. GridShare uses spare capacity in the battery to export or import power in response to grid demands to help the energy network run efficiently. Moixa currently manages more than 400 batteries across the UK in a virtual power plant, supplying 1MWh of flexible capacity.
The 4.8kWh lithium-ion battery will retail at £3,950 including VAT and installation, offering one of the best value “on the wall” prices on the market.

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  1. Bal Dhillon
    August 19, 2019 at 6:46 AM

    The price quoted above, all inclusive of VAT, installation etc (£3950) then why is it that you sent me an email giving this figure after taking off your promotional £500 in the summer sale you say you are running till 2nd September. Should not the sale sale price be £3450 intsread.

    Please also advise what is included i.e. includes the INVERTER and whatever else is needed to join the grid share scheme etc.

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