UK Power Networks to open two flexibility tenders in Q1 2019. Register your interest

UK Power Networks has announced  plans to procure more than 100MW of flexibility services from distributed energy resources. The distribution network operator (DNO) plans to create 25 ‘Flexibility First’ zones across its three licence areas, using the Piclo online platform (formerly known as Open Utility). Piclo enables providers to explore an interactive map and identify the areas where UK Power Networks is seeking flexibility to add capacity.

UK Power Networks will run Flexibility First tenders in Q1 2019 for services in winter 2019-20 and in winter 2020-21. Providers will be able to bid for contracts of one to four years. The providers will change when they use or generate electricity to manage peak demand on the network.

Sotiris Georgiopoulos, head of smart grid development at UK Power Networks, explained the company is acting on feedback from distributed generation providers. He said: “Stakeholders told us they wanted more certainty in the process and the opportunity to bid for longer-term contracts, so that’s what we are delivering.”

The 25 zones will be live on the Piclo platform by the end of October. A number of zones are already live.  To view available sites visit and to register your interest in flexibility email: [email protected]