Electricity North West to offer DSR services to businesses with GridBeyond deal

GridBeyond and Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenance) have formed a new partnership to offer enhanced Demand Side Response (DSR) and intelligent energy service technologies to business customers in the North West of England.

Wayne Muncaster, UK Managing Director at GridBeyond, commented: “Our partnership with Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenance) illustrates our collective vision for transforming large energy consumers into smarter, more active participants in the energy market. The more businesses we can work with to deliver these enhanced energy services, the closer we are to a truly innovative and participative electricity system.”

For businesses with concerns around interruption to processes, the partnership provides peace of mind, the two companies said.Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenance) manage the site power infrastructure and GridBeyond’s experienced engineers and machine learning platform will ensure that parameters are set to guarantee no interruption to operations, and that energy resilience is improved.

Mark Williamson, Energy Solutions Director at Electricity North West, said: “Traditionally Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenence) have not assisted customers to realise the potentially significant benefits available through participation in the frequency and flexibility markets. GridBeyond are leaders in the flexible services sector, with a wealth of knowledge and experience that we are looking to utilise to assist our customers in the North West and beyond.”

Michael Phelan, Chief Executive and co-founder at GridBeyond, also commented on the partnership: “The partnership with Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenance) is strategically very important to our business. GridBeyond has already formed significant relationships with distribution partners in Ireland, and we plan to replicate the success we’ve had in Ireland over here in the UK.”

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