Tender by 30 January: BEIS seeks technical experts for Capacity Market panel

BEIS is looking for  five technical experts to serve a three-year term on the panel that advises on technical aspects of  the Capacity Market.  Contracts  start in February and tenders close on 30 January.

The Panel’s role is to provide assurance that the analysis provided by National Grid, in regard to the Capacity Market, has been independently scrutinised and there are no conflicts of interest which might skew the analysis.

The new panel is being recruited despite the hiatus in the Capacity Market, following a judgement by the European Court, because BEUS says “It remains essential that the analytical development work carried out by National Grid and the decisions relating to the Capacity Market (in particular the volumes of capacity to be procured through the auctions) are subject to independent scrutiny”.

Panel members (from industry or academia) must have relevant technical skills in one of the following fields:

  • Energy Economist. An applied microeconomist with experience of applied energy economics and technical expertise of the supply and/or demand side of the GB electricity market. This expertise should be focused on the GB electricity market including its interactions with other European electricity markets.
  • Mathematician, econometrician, or statistician with experience of applying quantitative techniques to future decision-making and making decisions under conditions of uncertainty in the context of electricity markets in GB and beyond.
  • Electrical engineer or physicist with a strong working understanding and experience of the GB electricity system and issues associated with meeting the physical challenges of the system operation both now and in the future.
  • Industry professional with experience of working in industry who can provide a stakeholder’s perspective. Particularly, insights on project financing and investment analysis of energy investment projects including low carbon technologies.

BEIS will use individual bids to build up a Panel. One of the panel members will be selected as Chair. Details of the process to select a chair will be found in the invitation to tender document.

To apply use appropriate links above.