Four companies win in UKPN’s flexibility auction

AMP Clean Energy, Limejump, Powervault and Moixa are the winners in an auction held by UK Power Networks that will deliver 18.1MW of flexibility on its distribution network. The contracts, worth £450,000, will defer more expensive network reinforcement costs.

This auction was the first commercial use of Piclo’s smart energy platform, which providesa map of areas of network congestion and correlates them with flexibility providers, which may include  demand side response, batteries or behind-the-meter generation. Following this auction, Piclo signed an agreement with UK Power Networks to  deliver their future auctions – Piclo’s second commercial agreement. It signed a commercial agreement  with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks in March.

Moixa will deliver 50kW of flexibility using spare capacity from around 50 homes in the Lewes-Newhaven area with 4.8kWh Moixa smart home batteries with built-in artificial intelligence. The contract is one of the country’s first deals to provide flexibility from residential energy storage, the company says.

AMP Clean Energy will deliver 1.5MW of flexible generation from a 2.3MW facility at Romney Warren in South East England.

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