Open Networks consults on DSO flexibility markets

Ease of access is the key to new flexibility markets, the Energy Networks Association said, launchung a new consultation on flexibility services from the Open Neyworks project.

The consultation seeks views on  how the six steps in the Flexibility Commitment can be developed further, diving into the detail of the principles that will enable flexibility markets, good practice for procurement and our approach to standardising contracts for flexibility. It presents progress on three Open Networks workstreams - flexibility market principles, DSO procurement processes and DSO commercial arrangements – where development work has been largely completed and asks for feedback.

On flexibility market principles the project wants feedback on its choice of six principles:
  •  Neutral market facilitation
  • Market boundaries
  • Transparency, visibility and privacy
  •  Rights and obligations
  •  Interoperability of solutions and
  •  Coordination and information exchange

On DSO comercial arrangements the product has changed in response to stakeholder feedback. Instead of a roll-out of best practice, the workstream will  deliver a common set of Terms and Conditions to be adopted across all DNOs for DSO services. This will take longer, and is currently planned for March 2020, but stakeholders said the change will maximise opportunities and participation in flexibility markets by making it easier to participate across multiple DNOs.”

Workstreams on facilitating new markets will be taken on in the coming six months and work starts in July on dispatch and settlement processes. Work is at an early stage in the workstream on conflict management & co-optimisation

David Smith,  ENA chief executive, said: “Today’s consultation makes a fundamental point about the way in which we need to build a smarter, more flexible energy system – simpler is better. Ease of access to flexibility markets for the widest possible range of people has to be right at the top of the agenda. That’s key so that Britain’s energy networks can access the deepest, most liquid flexibility markets possible.”

The consultation closes on 23 August. Public events will be held at ENA’soffices in London on 10 July  and at SP Energy Networks’ corporate headquarters inGlasgow on 16July.


Read the full consultation