Flexitricity harnesses small sites to get DSR benefits

Flexitricity has partnered with eight organisations across a range of sectors to trial an innovative demand side response (DSR) solution.

The Quickturn project, funded by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), aims to provide an opportunity for smaller commercial energy users  - SMEs as well as smal sites belonging to multi-site groups - across Britain to benefit from demand side response.  Previously, participation has not been economically viable for smaller sites due to the cost of hardware, communications and implementation.

The partner sites include Glasgow City Council, Jones Food Company, Norish, Northumberland County Council and Scottish Water Horizons. The Quickturn project will help these sites reduce energy costs and earn revenue through providing electricity system balancing services to National Grid.

Flexitricity will utilise its expertise in dispatching flexible energy-consuming assets such as cold storage, air conditioning and heat pumps to help National Grid balance the fluctuating demands of the UK energy system. The University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Digital Communications will help reduce the overall cost of setting up DSR dispatch systems across the partner sites.

Findings will be shared in 2020.