ElecLink interconnector consults on no-deal Brexit trading rules

ElecLink, a new 1000MW interconnector with France routed via the channel tunnel, has opened a consutation on access rules and charging methodology in the event if a no-deal Brexit.

At issue is whether the GB market will continue to be part of the EU’s Internal Energy Market. No-deal Brexit places GB outside it and that affects the day-ahead market. Within the IEM interconnector capacity is allocated ‘implicitly’ when power is contracted that must flow across it. Outside the IEM capacity must be acquired separately (‘explicitly’). ElecLink proposes to run a daily auction from 09:40 am to 10:00 am on the day preceding the delivery day for this capacity. It says “a set of day ahead allocation rules applicable to ElecLink had to be entirely drafted”.

Similar additonal rule sets have been under consultation by other interconnector operators.

In an exclusive interview with New Power last year, ElecLink chief executive Steven Moore highlighted the extra cost that Brexit imposed on IT and the interconnector’s system and processes.  Subscribers: login  to read

His fear is rule changes and divergence between GB and Europe that change the systems being written. “If you have a new set of requirements, that has not been a great use of time and resources. We are investing a lot of our shareholders money in making sure that we are compliant with current licence conditions.”

The consultation closes on 13 September

See the consultation document here 

Charging methodology document here

Access rules document here


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