ESO announces timetable for Mersey reactive power service tenders

National Grid ESO is set to run two tenders to procure winter reactive power services in the Mersey area.

The first – short term – tender will seek offers to supply from April 2020 and will open on 14 October and close on 8 November. The ESO said, “This is aimed at providers, including embedded, that are already connected and available for the full period of the contract.”

The second – long term – tender will be for up to nine years with delivery from April 2022. The ESO does not want the tenders to overlap so this will open on 25 November and close on 21 February 2020. But ESO warns it is a “pathfinder project where we are assessing network solutions against commercial solutions to determine the most economical way to meet a transmission system need”. That means the tender schedule may be delayed if the ESO encounters unanticipated issues.

A third tender – also short term – may be run next year to cover the period April 2021 – March 2022.


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