Ofgem seeks input for ‘first iteration’ of data best practice guidance

Ofgem is seeking views from a broad spectrum of organisations on how to create a set of guidance on data ‘best practice’. The regulator expects to evolve its own work to be in accordance with the outcome, and  will also use the guidance as part of its regulatory rules, such as for licensed energy market activities.

It wants expertise from  broad range of  perspectives and specialisms, naming cyber security, information law, energy, data management, digital services and economics but saying it wanted wider input, including taking other regulated markets into consideration. It said, “By writing this guidance in a “neutral” way, we can take steps towards lowering the barriers that make it challenging for energy data to be used jointly with information from other traditionally separate markets, such as transport and water.”

Ofgem promised not to wait until the guidance is ‘perfect’ to use it, because, “a lot of time will pass and that means opportunities for better and more coordinated work will be lost”. Instead, it expects the guidance to be the first of many iterations.

Define ‘data best practice’ guidance is distinct from, but complements, an Innovate UK £1.9M Modernising Energy Data Access Competition (see below). It says, “The best practice guidance will define our overarching expectations for how energy data is best used, whereas the competition is challenging innovators to deliver solutions that will ease access to and the exchange of energy data between organisations. Ofgem and BEIS plan to jointly own and iterate this guidance to ensure continued alignment”.

Ofgem is working with the Energy Systems Catapult and there is more detail on its dedicated website here.

Interested parteis are also invited to a series of meetings on 14 and 27 November, and 4 and 6 December. Topics include 

  • Discoverable, searchable, understandable data, including metadata,
  • Security, privacy and resilience,
  • User needs and interoperability
  • Open data triage

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