CCC tender: what are the pathways for deep industrial decarbonisation?

The Committee on Climate Change is seeking to understand how deep decarbonisation of industry could be achieved and it has published a tender for analysis ahead of its sixth Carbon Budget – the first to be produced with Net Zero as the government’s new emissions reduction target.

The work of Development of Pathways for Industrial Deep-Decarbonisation Technologies and Hydrogen and CCS Infrastructure ahead of the Sixth Carbon Budget has six strands, which focus specifically on the geographical influence on the choices made and deployment options. The issues to be considered in the £150k project are:

  • Disaggregating industrial emissions, including by geography, and setting out future projections.
  • Summarising real-world constraints on technology deployment.
  • Summarising cost and non-cost factors in  making technology choices, including by geography.
  • To establish a framework that identifies a pathway for deployment ofindustrial deep-decarbonisation technologies and infrastructures for hydrogen transmission and distribution and CO2transport and storage, with geographical resolution.
  • Create plausible pathways and identification of low-regrets and option-creating measures.
  • Identify actions and policy required for hydrogen and carbon dioxide infrastructures, including potential needs for coordination of infrastructure or industrial cluster.s