Wales NIC seeks views on energy infrastructure

Grid constraints, the potential for marine renewables and community renewables, and the shift to zero-emission vehicles are among the areas wherethe National Infrastructure Commission Wales (NICW) is seeking evidence to develop its work programme for the coming year.

Discussing the electricity grid, NICW said it believed lack of capacity was creating constraints on both the development of new grid connections and new renewable generation. It wants “Further evidence on approaches to rapidly improve the relationship between Wales’ energy grid and the future growth of renewable energy, including innovations in energy storage, electrical engineering, the planning system, and other government interventions.”

On marine renewables it wants data on the potential for commercial scale cost effective energy generation of that type. It also wants to understand the tradeoffs, and whether the benefits in economic activity and jobs would outweigh potentially higher prices for marine renewables.

On community energy it has similar questions – how important are grid constraints and would the economic benefits outweigh potentially higher prices. It wants to know how community energy infrastructure might be financed and the role, if any, for public and local authorities.

Zero emission vehicle issues include EV charging points and whether the road infrastructure can accomodate new infrastructure needed, especially as the NICW is not persuaded that major road and rail developments is not strong.

The call for evidence closes on 27 March, more information here

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