Gas network Cadent installs first solar PV

Cadent, Britain’s largest gas distribution network, has installed its first solar array,  at an existing Cadent site in Brisley, North Norfolk.

The solar farm’s 388 panels have a peak generation capacity of 130kW and are expected to generate 120MWh a year –  enough electricity for the site and nine other above-ground Cadent installations in the region. Surplus electricity will enable additional revenue to be produced for the business. 

Cadent network supervisor Robert Davies proposed and further developed the idea with his team, who operate and maintain Cadent’s gas infrastructure in the local area. He explained: “The concept was relatively straightforward with clear cut environmental and economic benefits. It took us around a year to plan and agree the project and we were then able to get it built over just a few weeks this autumn.”

Cadent provided Robert and his team additional assistance with project development helping them to secure the £160,000 funding required to make the project a reality,

Cadent said similar projects could follow in the near future.

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