Ofgem tells nine suppliers: join smart meter hub or lose licence

Ofgem wants to force nine energy suppliers to become Data Communications Company (DCC) users. It is consulting on issuingf them with final orders to become users by the end of March – if not, they will be stopped from taking on new customers or risk losing their licence.

The suppliers are: Ampoweruk, Better Energy Supply, Daligas, Enstroga, Entice Energy Supply, Euston Energy (trading as Northumbria), Green Energy Supply, Symbio Energy and UK National Gas Ltd.

All suppliers were required to become DCC users either from 25 November 2017, or as soon as they completed the ‘controlled market entry’ process – a probationary period during which an energy supplier must prove that it has in place the appropriate systems and processes to deal with the complexities of the energy market.

Ofgem says that until these suppliers join, any customers with a DCC-connected smart meter who switch to them will lose the functionality of their smart meter on switching. This leaves the meters operating as traditional meters with customers needing to provide manual meter readings and unable to access the full benefits of smart meters. 

If the suppliers fail to become DCC users in accordance with the final orders, Ofgem will consider further enforcement action, which could result in licence revocations.

A consultation on the order closes on 3 February.