EV lobby groups to merge

The UK Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Association (UK EVSE) is to join forces with the REA’s EV Forum.

Members of UK EVSE are set to join the REA in the coming weeks, and will join a 75-strong group of companies involved in installing, operating, manufacturing, financing and providing services to the charging industry in the UK. Many will additionally gain access to other REA member groups, such as the Solar Forum and Energy Storage Forum.

The merger will add Cenex to the REA EV Steering Group, which the organisation said would give the REA deepened technical expertise in charge point technology, installation, and operations.

Robert Evans, chief executive of Cenex and chair of UK EVSE said: “We have come an enormous way as a sector. The Association has been provided a voice for charge point providers and network operators during a period of rapid evolution in policy and the market.  Now, with the Road to Zero Strategy and final report of the EV Energy Taskforce, a clear roadmap exists for what comes next.

“With the number of participants in the market burgeoning, now is the right moment for us to come together to ensure a well-resourced industry group. I look forward to continued involvement in key industry debates as part of the REA.”

Dr Nina Skorupska CBE, chief executive of the REA said: “We are stronger when we work together. The integration of UK EVSE with the REA’s EV Forum means centralising resources, concentrating collective expertise, and ensuring coherent communications to Government. We hope that this move will both deepen the REA’s expertise in electric vehicle infrastructure but also empower our new members with knowledge and skill in our other work areas, such as that in solar and energy storage, all of which are converging at a rapid rate.

“We welcome our new members and will continue to work to provide a progressive and effective voice for the charging infrastructure and wider renewable energy sector.”