Offshore wind website ‘repurposed’ to help industry navigate Covid-19

TMS Media and Widesight have ‘repurposed’ their Offshore Wind Communicator website to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the offshore wind supply chain.

The website was set up as a communcations platform for companies involved in the offshore wind supply chain, government bodies and industry bodies involved in adjacent industries to help deliver the Offshore Wind Sector Deal. Now the founders ​want to use it to help the industry manage through the Coronavirus pandemic. They said, “Individual organisations have largely been swift to activate Business Continuity Plans and make seismic operational changes to protect their employees, customers and interests. Those actions were the necessary first steps, but they are part of ‘business as usual’. And, as a global community and as an industry, we are now some way outside of that.” They  say, “We need to now think of ourselves as one business, not separate competitors. The health of our industry is reliant on the fitness of the complete supply chain. We need to ensure its survival in order to thrive.”

The website offers information and online forums for individuals to exchange information.

See the website here