Installers in UKPN area get short cut to decision on EV, heat pump, PV, battery installs with one-stop Smart Connect portal

A new  Smart Connect portal launched by UK Power Networks will give an instant decision on whether installers can connect domestic electric vehicle charge points, heat pumps, battery storage or solar PV.

UK Power Networks expects up to 700,000 electric heat pumps and 4.5M electric vehicles to be connected to its networks in London, the East and South East by 2030. The portal removes the need for multiple paper forms and streamlines the process and was launched with project partner Octopus Electric Vehicles, after feedback that the old process for domestic vehicle-to-grid projects was confusing and time-consuming.

It will automatically refer customers if their electricity supply needs to be upgraded to manage the additional power and installers will also be able to see the current status of multiple applications at the click of a button.

Albena Ivanova, Powerloop project manager at Octopus Electric Vehicles said: “Smart Connect is a huge step forward for the decentralisation and digitalisation of the grid. The launch of the portal will be a game changer for customers and installers alike, making the connection assessment and process fast and transparent. The simplified documentation required from customers along with the high level of visibility of the application progress will markedly improve the customer experience.”

You can visit the Smart Connect portal here

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