Hydrogen filling station to be fuelled by food waste

US-based BayoTech, which provides small modular steam reformers to produce hydrogen, and UK-based IBMS Group, a holding company for sustainable business, have launched a renewable hydrogen project using biomethane from food waste as a feedstock.
The project will produce 1,000kg of hydrogen per day to fuel vehicles in London and Surrey and is due to be online in the first half of 2022.
The companies say regional hydrogen production and distribution reduces unnecessary costs, storage, and transportation, leading to a significantly lower carbon footprint overall when compared with traditional production models and electrolyser systems. Further phases of the project will see carbon capture introduced to take the project from carbon neutral to carbon negative.
“BayoTech is thrilled to be working with IBMS Group on such a ground-breaking project. Using food waste to create zero carbon fuel is an excellent example of regional sustainability,” said Steve Jones, BayoTech’s Vice President, Europe. “This tackles a bottleneck of renewable hydrogen availability in the UK and gives fleet operators immediate access to cost effective, carbon neutral or even carbon negative hydrogen.”
Steve Sharratt, CEO of IBMS Group commented, “We are delighted to be working in partnership with the world’s leading modular on-site hydrogen generation provider and playing our part in satisfying the increasing demand for carbon neutral and negative hydrogen in the UK. We look forward to launching the initial project next year and then rolling it out across multiple UK locations in the next few years to create a national network of carbon negative hydrogen production facilities.”

1 comment for “Hydrogen filling station to be fuelled by food waste

  1. David Dundas
    June 3, 2021 at 11:41 AM

    A great initiative to turn organic waste into green hydrogen with proven technology, which will help the UK catch up with the developed economies in the race to net zero fossil carbon emissions by 2050. Good to see this being installed in London and Surrey and hopefully we will see more facilities further north where many residents like me, are waiting to be able to buy a hydrogen powered car.

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