Three gasification ‘waste to energy’ projects nearing financial close, says EQTEC

Waste to energy gasification company EQTEC says three energy projects using refuse-derived fuel (RDF) in the UK are making good progress toward financial close.
At Billingham, Teesside, project development and associated engineering work, led by an EQTEC team, has produced a detailed design for the core gasification process and equipment and a concept design for the full plant. In July it is expected that this will be reviewed with potential funders, including French waste-to-energy owner-operator, Groupe Idex. The project team is selecting delivery partners.

At Deeside, Flintshire the company submitted a planning application for a Phase 2 gasification facility deploying EQTEC technology in June. Phase 1 recycling and anaerobic digestion facilities are already approved for development at the site and the company said, .”As most planning conditions have been satisfied for Phase 1, the project is on track for financial close”. The development project is being pursued in partnership with Logik Developments Limited.

At Southport, Merseyside the company will submit a revised planning application for Phase 1 in early August 2021, in advance of the intended Phase 2 planning submission that will be submitted later in the year. This project, similar to that at Deeside, has permission for a pre-existing Phase 1 anaerobic digestion facility and the intended Phase 2 addition of an advanced gasification facility. The development partner is Rotunda Group.

UK waste-to-energy plants are a key target for £16 million in new investment raised by the company in a placing on 28 May, along with project development in the company’s existing markets in Europe and the USA and growth in the company’s capability and capacity to take on “more deals in more places”. EQTEC said it would “expand its engineering capacity and business development capabilities to pursue more opportunities more rapidly”.