Limejump adds new batteries to dynamic containment offering

Shell’s Limejump tech platform has entered a commercial partnership with SSDC Opium Power to optimise and manage 90MW of battery storage across two sites – at Fareham in Hampshire and Fideoak Mill, near Taunton in Somerset.

Fareham is the UK’s largest battery that is owned by a local authority. Its 40MW capacity will be fully optimised by Limejump in NGESO’s Dynamic Containment market in April 2022. In the summer it will add an additional 20MW when it goes live at the site.
Limejump took over optimisation the 30MW Fideoak Mill site in 2021 and it is being optimised across several markets including stacking Dynamic Containment with wholesale trades.

In July 2021, Limejump commenced the optimisation of the 100MW Minety battery in Wiltshire, which is still the largest battery to be optimised in any of National Grid’s ancillary services.