ENA opens flexibility consultation

Energy Networks Association (ENA) has launched its annual flexibility consultation.
It is seeking views by 12 September on
• An overarching common framework for flexibility services
• A common evaluation methodology to evaluate flexibility services
• Procurement processes, aligning them across DNOs and ESO
• Improving the standard agreement for procuring flexibility services
• Defining and implementing ‘Primacy Rules’ for the ESO and DNOs to manage service conflicts
• Reviewing flexibility products and how they can be stacked, addressing barriers to entry
• Common methodologies for carbon reporting
• Improving the accessibility of information on curtailment of flexible connections
• The roll-out of the baselining tool
The focus of the consultation is to ensure that the foundations of these flexibility markets are right, in particular the governance arrangements within which networks operate the markets.
ENA is holding a webinar on 16 August (2pm) which will provide an overview of all areas of the consultation, and will be presented by the Open Networks work area leads. Register here

See the flexibility consultation here