Voltalia employs Limejump to optimise Bristol battery

French renewables company Voltalia, which has 1.3GW of wind, solar, biomass and hydro in operation worldwide, is now selling power into the NGESO’s ancillary services markets with the help of tech platform Limejump.
Voltalia is building a battery portfolio in the UK and a 32 MW battery in Hallen, Bristol, is its flagship project. Now Limejump has begun optimisation of the Hallen battery as part of a multi-year collaboration. Limejump will optimise the battery to participate in both ancillary service markets and wholesale power markets.
Limejump, owned by Shell, also recently announced a 90MW battery partnership with SSDC Opium. It now claims a flex portfolio of almost 450MW, with over 54,000 hours of asset optimisation since 2016.

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